Saturday, January 6, 2007

Reason's Greetings

This is my first attempt to set up my own blog using standard blogware. I previously created two blogs on my web site as straightforward HTML files without standard features and without interactivity. It will take some time to work out the conversion parameters, so here are the URL for posts previous to this date.

For this blog, started on 10 July 2006, you can access backfiles beginning with:

Studies in a Dying Culture

See also my other blog:

Emergence Blog

I just started a third blog, a true blog, on Freethought Forum, devoted to conceptual and sociological issues concerning religion, superstition, atheism, freethought, and secularism:

Reason & Society

I am going to approach interactivity with some caution. Before I'm fully set up, or after, feel free to contact me at my default e-mail address, which you will see on my site.



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